A Day in the life of - Youri Zoon


"Even after 20 years, as soon as the wind starts blowing and the conditions are good, I'm headed straight to the beach "

We follow the story of Youri, a professional kitesurfer with great successes but also setbacks. Youri knows better than anyone what suffering is and has always pushed his body to the limit. His story is linked to the use of the new FitGun Elite that keeps your muscles in shape. For this video i’ve made an alternative edit to showcase a day in the life of Youri.

D.O.P: Bruno van de Kraan
Producer: Jordi de Man
Creative concept: Bruno van der Kraan, Jordi de Man


Kitesurfer - Youri Zoon

For this video we went to the beach in Ouddorp, "Brouwersdam", Youri's standard surfing spot. For this video I've used the Black Magic Ursa PRO G2 because of it's great slowmotion capabilities and combined this with the new Canon 70-200 USM III.