B'adventurous x Pig & Hen

Pig & Hen - Day in the life

"My name is Ari Agnarsson and this is my story"

b’adventurous originated when Matthijs Pouw (Photographer) and I met in Amsterdam. We share a passion, which is capturing stories. Soon after that, we both discovered that we have similar ambitions too. We want to inspire others to think big and be adventurous so that they can live up to their full potential. It’s what we do ourselves and we believe that there are too many people holding themselves back, for whatever reason. That’s how this project came to be.

For the first edition of this project, we are taking the adventure to Iceland. Pig & hen showcases the boldest craftsmen who are living the Pig & Hen lifestyle. This first edition, we have the story of Ari Agnarsson.

Video stills that capture the best moments.


b'adventurous x Pig & Hen

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