Mikky Ki x Frenkie de Jong

Mikky Ki x Frenkie de Jong

"Show who you are. Believe in your strength. Follow your dreams."

This project was entirely shot in Amsterdam, “Olypmpisch stadion” and “Sportpark. The video’s were featured on RTL, NOS and several online platforms.

Show who you are. Believe in your strength. Follow your dreams. And don’t let anyone get you down. It’s your match, your goal, your ambition. If you dare to seize opportunities, everything’s possible. In your own pace. In the style that suits you. With the signature of MIKKY KI.

MIKKY KI. is a brand that encourages people to show who they are, to stay themselves. A brand that stands for confidence, strength and perseverance. MIKKY KI. is more than fashion. It’s a statement. A style that shows what you stand for in a glance. Independent, averse to prejudice and straightforward.

Video stills that capture the best moments.