Gareth & Lucas - Off Season

gareth & Lucas

"Even off season, with our clothes, you are unstoppable."

This project was entirely shot in Amsterdam.

“The Gareth & Lucas team continues to develop, that is our strength. Experimentation is not a risk, it is a requirement. Only by continuing to challenge ourselves can we keep pushing ourselves away from the rest. Only by thinking differently can we offer you differently.”

Crew: Bruno van der Kraan – DOP, Edit, Camera // Sikko Medema – DOP, Edit, Camera  // Olaf Buimer – Producer, CEO //

Video stills that capture the best moments.

Gareth & Lucas, The Off Season

At Gareth & Lucas we are constantly looking for the best clothing for your winter sports experience. We are strict on quality, a bit crazy about our designs and, above all, loving towards the enthusiast. Our success is determined by you.